I AM A Snowmaker 2014


The HKD I AM a Snowmaker award recognized six outstanding snowmakers from across the country. These snowmakers were asked to share their story--their hardships, their successes, and what it means to be a snowmaker. 

SAM Asked... At what point in your snowmaking career did you have that epiphany and realize "I AM a snowmaker?" What specific challenge or obstacle tested your dedication and determination as a snowmaker and how did you surmount it? The future of the mountain resort industry lies in the hands of the snowmaker--the sky is the limit.

october 2013 Snowmaker:

Ken Mack

Resort: Loon Mountain, N.H.
Years making snow: 14
Favorite Temperature: 10° F wet bulb
Life Philosophy: Work hard, gain experience and knowledge, experiment with new ideas and tactics, and leave a positive impression wherever I go.

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November 2013 Snowmaker:

Ray Weller

Resort: Breckenridge, CO
Years making snow: 21
Favorite Temperature: 10° F wet bulb, clear and calm.
Life Philosophy: Carpe Diem. Give 100%, help others, constantly
re-imagine life and work  

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December 2013 SNOWMAKER: 

Corey Peterson

Resort: Steamboat, CO
Years making snow: 9
Favorite Temperature: 8° F wet bulb
Life Philosophy: Work hard, lead by example, be fair, think outside the box, and always search for ways to make improvements.

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January 2014 Snowmaker: 

Senath (SAM) Morrill

Resort: Sugarloaf, ME
Years making snow: 6
Favorite Temperature: 0° F Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect.
Life Philosophy: Live, love, laugh, and be happy.

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February 2014 Snowmaker:

Jason Seal

Resort: Massanutten, VA
Years making snow: 11
Favorite Temperature: 10 degrees, or honestly, anything below 27.0 wetbulb.
Life Philosophy: Always give 110%, and be honest. 

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March 2014 SNOWMAKER:

Tim Whorl

Resort: Roundtop, PA
Years making snow: 27
Favorite Temperature: 5 degrees because that was the temperature on the day I learned to ski.
Life Philosophy: Enthusiasm is caught, not taught.

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